#PeaceMatters: I am…a Mosaic of Mattie – in production!

#PeaceMatters: I Am…a Mosaic of Mattie” is a celebration of the life, lessons, and legacy of Mattie J.T. Stepanek – the late teen poet and peace ambassador who inspired children and world leaders alike. Told through Mattie’s voice and the voices of those he continues to impact today, this film amplifies Mattie’s message that peace is possible, and it begins with a choice.

Marc D. Birnbach leads the production team on this first ever full length documentary, and is working closely with Jeni Stepanek, PhD (aka Mattie’s mom / Mama Peace). Marc and Jeni have collaborated on peace activities for more a decade, including their collaborative support of global teen leaders who create peace projects that tend to basic human needs.

This documentary is focused on three key parts of Mattie’s journey: the life he lived, Mattie’s impact today, and his legacy going “forthward” – a Mattie term for moving into the future with purpose, and choice.

Since Spring 2019, interviews with people who knew Mattie personally and people who have been impacted by his “Heartsongs” and messages of hope and peace have been conducted. From Mattie’s kin-family and former classmates and camp buddies to medical team members and celebrities and public servants, everyone is excited to share their reflections on Mattie, and what it means to individuals and communities to be a part of the “mosaic of Mattie” – and of humanity.

The much anticipated documentary is expected to wrap up interviews in July 2020 and to roll immediately into post-production.