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String of hearts

Elizabeth A. Lawton, June 2020: “Thank you for your continued work and ongoing projects and documentary. I have used Mattie’s words in my classroom since the first time I listened to him on Oprah. His words, his gifts, and Jeni continue to inspire me and my students. Just today, I passed one of Mattie’s books to a 4th grader who is a peacemaker and reminds me of Mattie in the desire to be a Peacemaker and distribute kindness, empathy and peace to all citizens. Here at our small school we consider ourselves Citizens of the World and are honored to count Mattie and this organization as one of our greatest inspirations. Now, with the world in so much pain and our peacemakers being knocked down hard we pray even more for Mattie to shine down upon us all and help to bring his message once again loud and clear to a world that so desperately needs him. May God continue to Bless you and all you do.”